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There is no (business) connection between this domain and any other domain with the same prefix but a different tld (top level domain name) suffix, or with any other subdomain of any other domain (except my own - which expired 7/31/2005).  There is also no other connection with any business, organizational or other entity anywhere on the planet (except as associated with me and my proprietorship, as explained in detail at this link). "Do Ask Do Tell" here is intended to convey a political discourse concept (not just a narrow commercial concept like a specific brand). Two of my books (point 11) have titles that begin with this phrase.  There is also no connection with any entity called "Do Tell" or any other similarly named entity.  The visitor may want to use search engines to research other such business entities.

I have no connection to a domain called .  ICANN rules permit the same domain trunk with different TLD suffixes to belong to unrelated parties.    Presently (7/2006) that site appears to have advertising links that may help servicemembers or those associated with individual rights. Although I have no connection to this, the visitor is welcome to visit that site and click on or buy services from those links.

There are no credit cards processed at this site. For e-commerce regarding books see

In view of possible forthcoming regulation of the Internet with respect to campaign contributions, I reiterate that this site is non-partisan and does not provide emails supporting political candidates, and generally does not provide links supporting them (except when discussing their positions on issues like health care or social security, when I would present all candidates' links to provide balance).

This site does not contain any pornographic images or videos; therefore there are no record keeping requirements under USC 2257 (see this link for more information). There are no sexually explicit photographs and no extended passages depicting sexual acts, so this is not a "sexually oriented" site in the conventional understanding of the term. Likewise, there are no depictions of "how to" build or use weapons or make or use controlled substances.

There is plenty of robust and provocative discussion of sensitive issues, including those dealing with sexuality. Part of the reason is to answer critics who feel that my freedom is somehow their insult or loss (particularly in areas like sharing family responsibility). The discussions are intended to stimulate difficult and critical thinking, but not to "offend" in the usual sense.  This site covers all current political and social topics, although there is at times a specific perspective from a GLBT life experience. In a few instances, my "attitude" may disturb some readers.

All opinions expressed on this website are mine (see contact). Any contact with me must be for lawful purposes only. Nothing in this or any other website of mine or any other book or media provided by me should be presumed or misconstrued, by anyone with any particular cultural way of interpreting media, as an invitation for, promotion of or procurement of any illegal activity. Any views here are mine and they do not necessarily represent the views of any employer, business associate, customer, or any personal or family associate.

I do provide links to other sites with legitimate information on controversial and edgy topics. I don't knowingly directly link to sites set up for illegal purposes, to pornography sites or to sites that would be highly objectionable even in a pluralistic culture such as ours. Please see a special link about advertising.

I do provide deep links to news sites, but they are not "framed." The link always replaces the page in the browser and shows the entire page as the original site intends it, including advertisers. You can always use the back button in your browser to return.  Usually I name the author, newspaper or site and date in the text also with the link, as in a normal footnote or bibliographic fashion. Most news sites have complete navigation and service information links on every page.  Many deep links disappear or are archived after a few days, and some sites charge a small subscription fee to see their content, especially their archives, as is their right and prerogative under copyright law.  I encourage visitors to visit the home pages of news sites and search for other items; practically all of these sites have their own search utilities. With most publishers, this is an acceptable practice. I do not object to deep linking of my site (or to framing since there are no advertisers on this site.)

The detailed and researched materials on this site are intended to support political and social arguments, not to provide detailed professional advice. Visit the link page for finding a professional (attorney, physician, accountant)

I do include "duplicate" copies (often pdf) of a few court opinions related to materials on this site (for example, about COPA or about "don't ask don't tell").  The reason for this is to make it easy for the visitor to find them, as they often move around and are complicated to locate on government court or related sites. There are also a few copies of statutes or proposed important bills in Congress (or constitutional amendments). This should be all right since court opinions are in the public domain.

There are no chatrooms or other facilities for visitors to generate content (such as profiles) on the site at this time. This site is for information only; there are no social networking facilities on the site.

Much of the content on this site was at one time on a site called "" (until 8/2005). The movie and book reviews often used that name descriptively. I have been gradually replacing these names with "doaskdotell" but I do not have an automated tool on this site to reliably replace them all at once; I have changed the old links. Any link that once pointed to the old domain should point to this one. (See the contact link below for any problems). This link explains the old domain.  

At the present time, I don't provide "breaking news" tickers, as companies have tended to withdraw from offering these as free content (often as applets). However, there are many news sites with major networks and wire services that the visitor can check any time. My blogs (referred to in the index page) also effectively deliver a lot of "breaking news."

Visitors are free to quote material from site under normal interpretations of the Fair Use doctrine associated with United States copyright laws. Please give appropriate bibliographic credit. Web publishers are free to link to the site in a normal manner, including deep links as long as they open separate browser windows (whether "new" or backspacable) and the user knows that she must click or do something to volubtarily to see the content.. However, visitors or web publishers (or profiles) may NOT embed images from this site "framed" into their own pages; doing so will be considered copyright infringement. If you want to use a photograph that I have taken as 'embedded" as if it were your own, contact me and we can discuss. Some of my visual material is intended for possible use later in motion picture or CV proposals. 

Good Faith Clause: In employment situations, I adhere to my own blogging policy (link below) to avoid conflict of interest with regard to the way I present myself in public. I understand that compliance with this statement may be taken by others as legal evidence of "good faith" in interpreting any of my intentions. I will not accept opportunities where my own research and circumstances point to personal legal risks. A signature page for this statement can be supplied if necessary.

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