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Link to this table of "citizenship merit attributes"

You can open it as a Microsoft Access application from Access if you have Access 2003 in a Windows XP environment.

I am continuing to experiment with this, and more will come later.

There is a Microsoft data access page which will only show the data when accessed from my machine only, and when listed as a "trusted site" in IE security settings, at this location.  I am working on making this easier to access. Right now the user will generally see only directions to IE tools, or a template.

There is also a database called "simple1" in the data folder. It is executable through Front Page only through authorized sign on. Later I will make it available to be viewed publicly.

There are also a copy of "merit attributes" available in XML format now from an export from Access

     XML   XSD   XSL     HTM (manually updated)

The user can browse this (same contents as on own copy described above) from the XML file with any later version of IE.

There is an alternative home page at http://www.doaskdotell.com/index.html.asp

This is executable. Right now index.htm comes up as the default page because it is present. Later I may change this to the asp page.