? Tech Support - Test MSAccess DataBase Connection

This test script has been uploaded to your site by web hosting technical support because of a support request ([1-403679743]) for your hosting account.
This test script is used to test for Server side issues with connecting to a MSAccess database. The pulldown will list Msaccess databases in the data(D-) and FPDB(F-) directories. Select the MSAccess database to test and click the "TEST Connection" button. If the script successfully connected to the database you will see a grid displaying information on the tables from the database, else you will see an error describing the failure.


List of common errors:
These are provided for troubleshooting in case you get any errors.

Error: System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException
Cause: Look in the stack trace for 'Could not find file ' This would indicate that the database is not in the path specified.
• be sure the correct path/location is used
• The spelling of the database name is correct
• The database is uploaded