A Note on the Logs and Search Arguments


A website owner can tell a lot about what interests visitors from inspect the server logs and particularly the statistics, which here come from a company named Urchin.


I cannot tell what person or exactly what server made a particular read request, but I see which servers (companies, schools, governments, and particularly countries) made requests on a particular day.


I can say that certain topics that are not discussed a lot in general media are of concern to visitors. These include psychological policy issues like filial responsibility and intellectual property conflicts of interest (and the recent trend for bloggers to get fired for off-duty public expression). Other issues of great concern seem to include Internet censorship, family values, narcissism, and child pornography.


The original motive for my books – fighting the military gay ban and the notorious “don’t ask don’t tell” policy – isn’t looked for as often. Gay marriage stirs up a moderate number of page requests.


Readers are often interested in obscure films and books – many are reviewed on this site. They are particularly interested in media stars, and in looking for “dirty little secrets” about them, which I really don’t divulge (and usually don’t even know!) but for which keywords might seem to exist to a search engine (often because several movies and stars are combined on one page). To be sure, young men are much more concerned about visual markers for their body image(s) and their implied stations in life than they would publicly admit.


Some films and shows are particularly interesting to readers (e.g. Smallville, on TheWB), but possibly because they have a prominent amount of coverage on the site.


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