Journalism Policy


This site does present controversial issues and facts that back up the concern that I have over some issues.


The site does not make unfounded accusations against specific persons, companies, or other entities. The focus is really on the issues, rather than on pointing fingers. However, specific parties are mentioned in conjunction with wrongdoing when credible media or journalistic sources, already published, can be cited (usually with links) as sources of the information.


The issue of mentioning specific parties or threats can be particularly sensitive with respect to speculations about future terroristic threats. I do mention various ways certain attacks could be carried out when substantial support for the statements exist in already published media and publicly known science. On just a few occasions since 2001, parties have communicated specific “tips” to me about possible threats or leads. I do not publish these unless the information can be confirmed with credible sources. But sometimes I do share them with law enforcement, either through the F.B.I. or through the security or abuse departments of ISP’s that I work with.


I do not publish (unverifiable) “rumors” about the personal lives of specific persons or celebrities. I do not publish or present “tabloid” style stories. In many cases these stories are untrue, or would invade a person’s privacy and not be publicly relevant if published anyway.


There are (especially in narratives in or associated with my first book) personal stories which show how various issues have affected me. In some cases other persons who were associated with me may recognize themselves.  I always follow the customs and expectations of normal intellectual property law, as normally interpreted, in what I present.


August 2005.


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