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Here is the link indicating the most likely locations of files on the new site. Please look at this site if you are having trouble finding the material, or have just visited the old site.


The discussion below was implemented from July 1, 2004 to June 30, 2005. and are being eliminated as of July 31, 2005.  Most of its content has been moved to this domain. For the new discussion go to    Some information was added in Oct 2006.


For the time being, and as a best-practices matter, I plan to have only one domain name not based on my own name. In the short run, I am not offering commercial advertising space (I do offer courtesy link exchanges) on this domain. Later (toward the end of 2005), I may open another domain with well-researched and factual technical or policy blogs that would tend to appeal readily to some commercial advertisers. I am still working on some issues and content with regard to such a domain.


July 13, 2004

Bill Boushka


(Please note also the domain name disclaimer on the home page for this domain. I have no business connection with any other similarly named domain name or business.)

(Please see this update, effective 04/28/2005).

This document explains the purpose of my three domains from this day going forward. I’ll be specific as to my intentions, and offer a few comments about my underlying reasoning.


DOASKDOTELL.COM  (on Windows 2003 server, with FrontPage extensions)


This domain name has been renewed through Dec 2, 2007.  My intention is that this be my most important domain. The use of this name is primarily justified by the fact that two of my non-fiction books have titles that start with this phrase.


Here, I will repeat two other statements that appear on my index page. First: “This site (with the sister sites) presents an objective approach (that I call "Do Ask, Do Tell") to social and political issues, where arguments and counter-arguments are directly compared. The concept comports with the notion of "open source." Although it originated with resisting the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy on gays, the approach applies to any social problem balancing individual freedom with supposed collective welfare.  Second: There is no (business) connection between this domain and any other domain with the same prefix but a different tld (top level domain name) suffix, or with any other subdomain of any other domain - see point 8). There is also no other connection with any business, organizational or other entity anywhere on the planet (except as associated with me and my proprietorship).


The following material will be housed in the space for


∙ New essays on important social or political issues

∙ Information about my efforts to adapt my material for motions pictures or television or other media, along with some sample scripts (screenplays), videos, or images

∙ Database infrastructure that uses Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL 2000, or other major Microsoft database access, including applications developed in Visual Studio .NET.  The intention is to place political content in a database so that others could eventually update it. There is a particular emphasis in accounting for the subtle points of both sides of any political issue in a database. Some of this infrastructure may be in an intermediate or platform-independent format like XML.

· Reference materials (some of this material will migrate here from

∙ Accounts of legal proceedings (like COPA)




This domain was active  through July 31, 2005. This was the original domain set up on Aug. 1, 1997 to support my first books. Since that time I have added a great deal of free supplementary material, mostly simple html text. The supplementary material includes extra footnotes, various other essays and discussions, texts of court opinions in the public domain on cases related to the materials in the book.  It also contains book purchase information.


The assumed name or trade name for the entity that published the book in 1997 is “High Productivity Publishing.” It is still a proprietorship belonging to me. I have set up a domain name, which will point to the same space as through July 31, 2005.


After Aug. 1, 2004, the following material continued to be housed in the space for


∙ Footnote files and sidebars based on materials in the printed books (including iUniverse books), including public domain court opinions if related to the content of the books. (Some material from my Master’s Thesis also will remain here.)

∙ Original book text browsable as HTML, including the alternative “1996 Essays” and the six special essays posted in early 2001.

∙ Movie, book, and drama reviews

∙ Essays or commentaries submitted by others, although some less relevant or older contributions may soon be removed.

∙ Purchase information, and this might include direct credit-card access

∙ Carefully selected advertising from “upscale” companies in areas like software, security, education, textbooks. The advertising come could facilitated by more than one company (right now the company is Linkshare).

Newfeeds, but carefully selected and managed.

Legal and business information directly related to High Productivity Publishing, such as intellectual property policies or agreements, or conflict-of-interest policies

∙ Information for others who may wish to work with me on literary or film submissions.


Files that are not closely related to my published books, to material submitted by others, or to the normal components of a publishing business will be moved to other domains. For example, resumes, classwork notes and current editorial material belongs on non-commercial domains. Files that are moved will be noted as migrated.


On August 1, 2005 this domain was eliminated and it is no longer in use.    Another party may use it. It would have no relation to me.




This is my “personal domain.” (10/4/2006). It will house my resume and statements about how I will manage possible conflicts caused by my now large exposure on the Internet with other business interests. 


The domain, until the late summer of 2006, had housed various experiments in java and MySQL to categorize political arguments in relational databases. I was using an ISP that offered java servlets. Unfortunately, that ISP seems to have gone out of business. Right now, I am focusing the database development in a Windows environment with Microsoft SQL and Visual Studio .NET, offline. I will report when I have some progress.




This domain was set up in March 2006. The intention is to use it soon for materials from that would be suitable for advertisers. It is still under development (as of 7/2006). This material is expected to be relatively permanent and stable. “Bill” is my nicknamed based on my full middle name (“William”).




The entries are on the home page, or can be viewed from    The most important blog is    The other blogs are named and pointed to from the index page for  This was set up in January 2006 as an effort to experiment with trying to earn advertising revenue.


AOL Hometown and Personal Publisher


Much of the content also exists on the Hometown AOL subdomains under screenames JBoushka, JBFreedom, Libglil, and Hppub.  It is not kept updated. The domains listed here are kept current. I may remove the Hometown AOL at some point.


In February 2006 I disabled access to these domains from an index page. They no longer appear in search engines since they are orphaned. 






I have entered the intellectual property marketplace as a largely self-published writer, and I have leveraged the new technology to gain exposure at very low cost. I want to make note here that I am very well aware of the objections that some people could raise to the practice.  In core, some people could object to my drawing attention to myself and possibly to others associated with me, without normal accountability or “solidarity.” For example, why should others listen to me on issues if I was not “man enough” to raise a family myself. You can get the tone of this and where it can go, without too much more detail here. At a certain level of motivation, one makes the determination to do this or not. It’s that simple.


There are legal risks associated with writing, especially self-publishing. The can he hard to quantify and unpredictable, but they are not necessarily greater than the risks encountered in many other fields, even in some relatively “ordinary” jobs. There is always the possibility of running into unexpected complications like zoning or unfair competition (am I depriving a real estate owner of commercial rent, or another “established” writer of the ability to make an old-fashioned living) in any environment where one leverages technology in a new way (and maybe sets an ambiguous example for others).  There is also the possibility that future developments in the War on Terror or future enforcement mechanism of anti-pornography laws (if a constitutional one is ever passed!) might require more financial substance (like the ability to post bonds) from domain owners.  I want to emphasize here that I do not send spam or engage in telemarketing; and as a writer and future filmmaker myself, I do not engage in piracy.  The announcements made today do depend, essentially, on the absence of unexpected complications. But I have done the due diligence.


I will make a note here, too, on the potential “conflict of interest” between making a living and writing with total intellectual honesty (and credibility). People get paid big bucks to sell or peddle someone else’s work to the public. That presents obvious ethical problems in my situation. I have retired, and I have worked in some intermittent positions (bill collecting, substitute teaching) since taking my final “buyout” (it was significant) and pension. In most situations it would be inappropriate for me to have direct reports (for the sake of achieving a certain position or salary within an organization), or to speak for another organization to the public. It is more appropriate for me to work as a consultant to solve specific problems for different customers than to be responsible for “people,” particularly in a salaried capacity. I have already listed above some of the problems that I would like to work on. On the other hand, to maintain objectivity, I generally do not participate in public demonstrations (other than walking in Pride marches), union activities or pickets, or similar conventional activism; when I receive a request to contact a politician about an issue to be voted on, I usually do not respond unless I am prepared to write the elected person an original, somewhat detailed letter.


Among the opportunities that I will pursue are those that would come from providing new material to the literary marketplace: up to three fiction novels, and several screenplays (at least two of them based on my first book, at least loosely). I am continuing to provide book and movie reviews on my hppub site. I could imagine that these could be perceived as causing a “conflict of interest” once I submit materials to conventional “third parties” (agents and coverage companies); but generally I have been told that the reviews are interesting and might be sellable to advertisers if converted to dynamic content.


As noted above, I do feel free to look at unrelated self-employment business opportunities. Such opportunities must be “bona fide” and not be based on a business model that seems fundamentally unethical or even illegal (“getting something for nothing,” money transfer scams, sending spam, or assisting with piracy), or which seems like a superficial operation to hucksterize questionable business transactions or “unnecessary” services to large numbers of potential customers. Generally, I will not be willing to invest significant capital of my own in business activities unrelated to intellectual property (even more so on short notice!)  This is partly because I do have to be very careful and conservative in my current situation. I may, given sufficient justification, consider investing in another developer’s film or book project. Any opportunities are looked at very carefully. 


Note on Internet Governance


There has been a lot of controversy over Internet governance, and the role of ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), much of which operates in the United States. One of the major issues is the management of domain names. Some countries, especially in the EU and in the Third World, feel that the United States has an overly dominant position in practice. Some countries want stricter standards on what may be viewed on the Internet, published or especially self-published. In some cases the countries are motivated by the desire to keep free flow of information from destabilizing political or religious controls. At issue is a World Summit on Information Society (WSIS). Here is one story:     However late Nov. 15 negotiators agreed to leave the United States ICANN in charge of domain issues for the time being:  Here is ICANN’s account:


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