Table showing screenplay "American Epic" in approximate order  (a few scenes got sorted out of sequence by XML)

ID SceneId Setting CharId ChardIdFirst CharIds Action Treatment Flashback Thread City
1 01001 Tobey's old 1560 club Tobey, Allison, Allison, Izim, Erich Tobey, Allison, Izzy, Susannah, Omar   They play backyard baseball and look at video of volcano   No 2 St Paul MN
2 01001a Tribeca street Tobey     hit by car   Yes 1 NYC
3 01002 Embers Bill Bill Bill, Tobey Bill meets Tobey at rest   Yes 1  
4 0103 Pentagon Susannah   Susannah Transported to hosptial on 9-11   Yes 1 Arlington VA
5 02 Saloon Bill, Tobey, Sheila, Lorraine Sheila, Lorraine   Bill chided for interest in younger men asked not to return No 1  
6 03 Bills apt Bill, mother, Erich Erich   Mother chides bill about his values real life No 1 MN
7 05 Reception WTC Allison, Susannah   Allison, Susannah Susannah says she is asked to resign commission WTC design celebration No 1 NY
8 06 Bill's office conf Bill, Frank     career audit displays No 1 MN
9 04 Tribeca Tobey, frank, Erick Frank (academy) Frank explains his role (academy) sandlot baseball No 1  
10 07a-2002 Bryant Lake Bowl Bill Erich Erich15   film on hackers   No 1 MN
11 08a-2003 Erich's cabin Bill Erich Eirch16 Omar self-date demo erotic encounter No 1  
12 09 Bill's site defaced Bill ISP   Osama; suitcase nujes   No 1 MN
13 10 stage, airport SF Tobey, Allison     Tobey photos, flies back, search mention shadow conv No 1  
14 11 Franks office       outplacement self-promotion No 1 MN
15 12 Ballys Tobey, Bill, Ozzy     swimming pool Tobey matured No 1 MN
16 13 Sheilas apt make out     tease Tobey   No 1  
17 2:00:00 AM Sheilas apt Sheila Tobey     Sheila writes file sharing pgm Tobey scolds her No 1 MN
18 14 SLDN party Chad, Bill     Chad outed by Bill's site   No 1 DC
19 15 Little league Erich Cecil, Griffin   Erich wins game Bill in stands No 1 WI
20 3:00:00 AM agent's office LA Tobey, Syd Sydney   Tobey has to make up mind for A list; shadow conv (F Hamline speech F dinner) CNn announce exlosions No 1 CA
21 16 Tribeca sts Tobey, Omar     Tobey hit by car   No 1 NY
22 17 MCC Bill     Prays for Tobey   No 1 MN
23 18-2004 Bills apt Erich Erich17   fixes Bills computer corrupts it? No 1 MN
24 19 hospital rehab Izzy, Tobey     Izzy asks if Bill is grabdpa rehab No 1 MN
25 20 Bills apt Bills domain closed   Isp     No 1  
26 21 Pentagon Susannah Brian   announced retirement   No    
27 22 Willamsburg gaol Susannah     gay adoption criticized   No    
28 23 hospital acute care Bill, Tobey     Bill help Tobey legless man "Boxing" No    
29 24 Willamsburg Raleigh Susannah, Brian     Erich was accosted   No    
30 25 Bills apt Bill     Mother has stroke he puts her in SNF again despite $$$ No    
31 26 Reagan airport Bill     arrested handcuffs, vomits No    
32 27 Allison's home Susannah     play with izzy news of attacks No    
33 28 jail ARL Bill     cot, light on decide who to call No    
34 29 AOG revival Erich     slain in spirit make cd's No    
35 30 jail admin Bill     contact Erich, to Tobey (rehab), to Allison   No    
36 31 Bills apt FBI     takes Bill's computers   No    
37 32 jail to bail hearing Allison     withdraw money; e-bombs failed to mirandize sex charge No    
38 33 Bill's basement Allison, Bill     tell story hint of interest No    
39 34b William and Mary Bill     expulsion seq   Yes    
40 34a 9-11 both sites Susannah, Allison     Susannah burned, Allison escapes phone warning Yes    
41 34c Fort Jackson, Pentagon Bill     Army seq (Cold War)   Yes    
42 35 Basement Mother     comes home told about arrest No    
43 36 U of M Erich, Tobey     help Tobey walk DADT is about hacking No    
44 37 Allisons home, phone Allison, Erich     ask Erich to fly to rebut charges Ercih says Bill just interested No    
45 38 Mothers living room Mother     sees bracelet as they clean, Bill must leave No    
46 39 AOG Erich, Griffin, Cecil     slain in spirit as truth serum   No    
47 40 MSP airport Erich     flagged by Capps   No    
48 41 video conf Erich     why his friends stole spyware   No    
49 42 Allison's apartnent Allison Bill     Bill visit Allisons apt bond with Izzy house interview, embrace bill No    
50 43 Raleigh Tav Bill etc   Tobey Bill gets busted on gay marr shadow convention No    
51 44 Court   Josh, Judge   voir dire computer man No    
52 45 Court Bale Bale   Bill as attractive nuisance   No    
53 46 Court Frank Frank, V   Frank traced the Fema links (academy)   No    
54 47 plane; court Erich     explain buffer overflow   No    
55 48 Allisons office Allison, Omar       Izzy's dad had a similar accident No    
56 49 Josh's loft; Erich's barn Josh, Erich     email describes how Erich abetted Erich did it to protect Bill No    
57 50 Allison's corp apt Bill Allison   (watch Trump) watch tribunals kiss Yes    
58 51 Erich's room Erich     identify Syd   No    
59 52 Cobalt Tobey, Sheila, Bill Syd (shavedown) Push Tobey toward chair explosion No    
60 53 Court Bill     defends DADT "rebuttal" No    
61 54 Josh's Loft Josh John (lover)   call Erich why Erich "did it" No    
62 55 Court Allison. Bale     summations   No   NY
63 56 Jury Deliberations Josh     moralize   No   NY
64 57 Court Bill Judge   verdict, hypocrisy community service No    
65 58 MacDonalds Bill, Syd     talk about Trump Syd was outed No    
66 59 Mono Lake       explode Erich volunteers No   CA
67 60 Abilene TX Frank, Bill Sheila Tobey   Bill inprocesses Tobey shaved No    
68 57a Mono Lake Tobey Sheila   Bill wedding   No   CA
69 07b-2003 Bill's office Bill     Bill gets laidoff handshake No    
70 6:00:00 AM Boots and Saddle Frank, Bill     Bill accosts Frank   Yes    
71 08b-2000 state fair Young Erich, Bill     Ballot access petitioning algebra lesson Yes    
72 25a-2005         timepass   No    
73 26a several       E-bomb attacks   No 1