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            Persons wishing to submit book manuscripts: please note.  At this time, HPPUB generally does not accept book manuscripts from other authors.  In fact, HPPUB is working with a ‘just-in-time’ cooperative publisher in order to make book production and distribution more efficient.  Eventually, some or all of its printed materials may be distributed this way.  HPPUB recommends that “new” authors explore this avenue as the most efficient way to get published under current market conditions. HPPUB does help distribute the literature of some other organizations on an informal basis (see obtain.htm).  HPPUB would be pleased to discuss, on an informal basis, the “getting published” process with anyone; please email  or call 1-571-334-6107. 

            Other persons with business questions, please note: There could exist other business entities worldwide with names similar to “High Productivity Publishing” or Internet domain names spelled very close to   This operation is based in Minneapolis, Mn. and stresses political and social non-fiction material with a libertarian emphasis, although the possible range of subject matter is quite broad (including, for example, religion, books, and movies). To avoid any confusion, HPPUB will always assist anyone with a question to the best of its ability, but it cannot guarantee that it has reliable information about other similar publishing entities.    

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