A look at Bill Boushka's
DO ASK, DO TELL: A Gay Conservative Lashes Back
        (High Productivity Publishing; PO Box 580228; Mpls 55401-0228)

In this volume Mr. Boushka delineates the cataclysmic events that led
to a clear vision of a minimalist social order that would not be
conducive to such horrors; he moves from particulars to principles in a
logical and lucid manner, and in so doing creates contemporary versions
of the complementary antagonism of ancient yin & yang. The numerous
applications lead to the essential interplay between freedom &
responsibility.  Also examined is creative action as opposed to
adaptation.  Does "peer group approval" have any pre-symbolic value?  On a more particularized level, orientation or inclination does not in
and of itself indicate conduct; there is also no guilt by association.

Mr. Boushka goes on to look at the tendency of hyperactive government
to exacerbate divisions within the populace, all the while promoting a
synthetic way of life that offers a diluted sense of personal
fulfillment that is "protected" in exchange for a hefty percentage of
income.  This is the ultimate addiction; once broken of the habit, a fully realized organic individuality will take shape that will be so
much more pleasing to all than the substance-induced numbness.  The
resulting self-trust will engender such attributes as creativity and
judiciousness in a most dramatic manner.

Mr. Boushka then addresses Constitutional issues, proposing in full 
detail two new amendments.  Among other things these confront a level
of surveillance and encroachment that did not exist at the time of its 
initial framing, particularly in regard to victimless "crimes."

The outcome of the perceptions in this book when implemented will be
the cultivation of a state of consciousness that is no longer so
insecure as to be threatened by differentiation; one that is eager to
examine new ideas and approaches; one that is stimulated by challenge
and is wary of the path of least resistance.

David Purcell