Two letters to Rep. D. Eisenberg, VA General Assembly


Jan. 31, 2005


First email is about “No Child Left Behind” and substitute teachers



Dear Rep Eisenberg. I believe that you are my state General Assembly representative for Arlington. This is the first of two emails on two topics.


I have been a substitute teacher in Arlington and Fairfax County since last spring. I believe that the objectives of NCLB could be better met if the school districts paid substitutes more but put more pressure on them to begin the certification process when hired. I do understand that there is a 1950 Virginia law that says that a substitute who teaches more than 90 days in one school year must be "certified" but I don't know if this is enforced.


Here is a web link where I explain my position


John W. Boushka ("Bill")


Second email is about anti-gay adoption bill (HB2921) in Va. General Assembly.


Rep. Richard Black has introduced a bill requiring that applicants to adopt children ask if either parent is homosexual ("must ask must tell" rather than "don't ask don't tell"), and prohibit adoption by any household with a homosexual parent.  I understand that the Supreme Court allowed to stand a somewhat similar provision in Florida, and that a somewhat similar law in Arkansas (referring to foster care in any home having a homosexual household member) was struck down in state court. Rep. Black may have been motivated by the Supreme Court's inaction in the Florida case.


A good web reference occurs in the Jan. 25 Washington Times, at


Of course, I am against the measure, and I believe that if it passed, it could encourage further copycat measures, such as an attempt to ban gay teachers, or at least gays from teaching in some situations (like special education, in conjunction with NCLB). One factor to remember is that federal law now has a legal definition for the word "homosexual" in its 1993 Defense Authorization Bill, the now notorious law that created the "don't ask don't tell" policy for homosexuals in the military but which is also capable of setting a bad legal precedent for sensitive workplace situations in civilian life.


Thank you.



Business address

4201 Wilson Blvd #110-688

Arlington, VA 22203-1859


Phone:  571-334-6107 is best phone (cell with answering machine available)


Mr. Eisenberg has replied to the second email (Feb. 9, 2005), as follows:


“Thank you for taking the time to contact me about your opposition to HB2921, which prohibits adoption by homosexuals. HB2921 was referred to the House Committee on Health, Welfare and Institutions. This committee reported a substitute bill to the House floor on a vote of 18 to 4. Today HB2921 was passed on a vote of 72 to 24. This means that HB2921 will now be transmitted to the Senate for its consideration.


“I concur with your view of this bill and strongly oppose it. I voted against its passage today on the House floor and intend to urge members of the Senate to kill this legislation. I believe that there are many ways to define a family. Many children languish in institutions or foster care. These same children need to be placed in loving homes. I do not believe that a person’s sexual orientation disqualifies him or her from being a loving parent.


“Again, thank you for sharing your concerns with me. Please do not hesitate to contact me again on this, or any other issue of concern to you.




“Albert C. Eisenberg”



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