John W. Boushka My "Non Work" Resume

Since I do not yet write for a living, I want to list the personal experiences that (in addition to the bibliograhic references) become the justification for what I say and argue.


Gays in the Military:

. Submarine visit (1993)

. White House letter and interviews leading to it (1993)

. Interviews (often with travel) with several servicemembers (and attorneys) resisting the ban

. GLIL (Gays and Lesbians for Individual Liberty)

. Support for SLDN and fundraisers for lifting the ban

. Correspondence with NIS, Selective Service; Greenbrier visit

Discrimination; personal growth; politics

. Discussions with many professionals on Adventuring, Outwoods and similar groups

. Visit with Ninth Street Center

. Discussions with law students about discrimination in their field

. Debates on same-sex marriage

. Publishing in GLIL and Ground Zero

. volunteering (Adventuring, Whitman Walker Clinic)

. lawsuit regarding Child Online Protection Act

. Assistance to Libertarian Party candidates; ballot access petitioning

. Public speaking

. Cracker Barrell Visit

Before 1990:

. William and Mary episode

. National Institutes of Health

. draft physical three times and military service

. AIDS activism in 1980's

. Baker v. Wade

. Ninth Street Center

. Understanding and Area of Mutual Agreement

. Music, chess

Marketing strategy

. Based on word-of-mouth and web-site free content (and search engine hits)

. I do not send email "spams" and I do not use mailing lists.


. All information presented at this site or in any publications for sale are developed through my own research or personal experiences. Information of a confidential or business nature incidentally encountered at any entity which employs me for compensation (salaried or as a contractor) is not used. 

. All “mailing list” type information--personal names, addresses or changes of address, email or URL addresses, telephone numbers or any other similar access information that might be useful in marketing materials for HPPUB are obtained through my own personal resources in the normal course of personal business or HPPUB business.  No such marketing information that conceivably might be available at any entity which pays me compensation (salary or by contract) is ever used.  Furthermore, it does not even fit the business model of HPPUB to mass market to targeted individuals, as on mailing lists, so there is no reason to rebuttably presume that HPPUB has a propensity to use such information (improperly) at some point in the future. 

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