John W. (“Bill”) Boushka


My functional resume (still under development) is at my new resume page.


Practically any job involves exposure of an employee to confidential information. I do not disclose confidential information that I learn in the workplace. That means I do not publish such information at this site, or use it for my own advantage in an illegal or unethical way.  


Since I do not make enough money to live on from writing alone, I do take other jobs.


I started (5/2003) a job as an entry level debt collector. This job does not require direct reports, speaking publicly for the company, or making substantive discretionary decisions that would affect the well-being of stakeholders.


On August 1, 2003 I left that job in order to move back to the Washington, DC area for family reasons. I will start the new job search soon.


In October, 2003 I started an interim job selling subscriptions for an arts organization. However, I left this job in December 2003 because of the difficulty in one-call closing of sales and because of my personal uncertainly of the legality of some aspects of the calls after receiving a complaint from a customer. 


Since April 2004 I have worked as a substitute teacher in public school systems, mostly high school classes with academic subjects (mathematics, English, social studies). I stopped this in December 2005. I will be working scoring certain tests in May 2006.


One of my ideas is to develop a political arguments research database, with a user interface that would allow others do enter and document political and social thought.


In my writing so far, I have always chosen the subject matter, since I have done this on my own. As I noted elsewhere on this site, I am looking for ways to make this pay. I believe that I can bring a research background and knowledge of different areas of information technology to bear on a variety of controversial problems often discussed in the major media today (and dealt with elsewhere on this site). It may seem that I act like a jack of all trades and a master of none, but what I do best is connect the dots, find the subtle points that established media outlets and adversarial parties miss (or deliberately leave out to “keep it simple.”) While I am working on some fiction and screenplay projects that I have developed for myself, I could bring research tools and perspectives to a variety of commercial television and film projects that I follow.


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