Title:  Red Psalm

Release Date:  1998

Nationality and Language:  Hungarian, with English titles

MPAA rating:  PG-13 (assumed)

Running time:  100 Minutes (approx)

Distributor and Production Company:

Director; Writer:



Technical:   1.6  to 1

Relevance to doaskdotell site:  Communism

Review:          No, this isn't Red Dawn (1984), the potboiler about a Commie Pinko invasion of the western US by Nicaraguan commandos. It's an overly self-conscious "foreign," "artsy" movie with a somewhat valuable political message.

            The film "stages" a peasant revolt in Hungary in 1898. Although filmed outdoors on the Hungarian plains and farms, its "stages" the action by encircling the events with actors playing circle soccer, almost as if they were on an arena stage (or perhaps an Elizabethean one, complete with proscenium doors). The violence and tragedy doesn't come across as very real. The film is very low-budget and not very compelling technically.

            But one message is important. To wit, the peasants' (or workers') labor ought to have real "value" in a market economy, such as coming about by late 19th Century industrialization. The members of the bourgeoisie couldn't really earn or deserve their own keep with the merits of their own personal labor. A subtle point of argument worth noting.


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