Cable Films File (continued)

By the People: The Election of Barack Obama (2009, HBO Documentary / Sony Pictures Classics(?)  Aired on HBO on Tuesday Nov. 3, 2009  Election Day.  Blogger.

Tom Brokaw Reports: Boomers! (2010).  CNBC, 2hrs.  This generation did not necessarily agree to accept goals greater than self.   Blogger.

Scream Bloody Murder! (2010).  Christiane Amanpour on genocide (2 hrs) for the past 50 years.  Blogger.           

TallHotBlond (2009, “Tall Hot Blond”, MSNBC, dir. Barbara Schroeder, also previewed on ABC 20/20).  A bizarre case of Internet age masquerading leading to murder (but no minors involved, so it wasn’t like “To Catch a Predator”).  Blogger.

Gangs of Hollenbeck (2010, CNN, dir. Anderson Cooper, 1 hr). Blogger.

Death and Taxes: Joe Stack’s Attack on the IRS  (2010, CNN, host Abbie Boudreau)  Blogger.

The McVeigh Tapes (2010, MSNBC/Focus, hosted Rachel Maddow and Kou Michel)  Blogger.

You Don’t Know Jack (2010, HBO, dir. Barry Levinson) with Al Pacino playing Dr. Jack Kevorkian, with his inner convictions about assisted suicide. Blogger.

Kevorkian (2010, HBO,  dir, Matthew Galkin, 80 min)   Blogger.

American Al Qaeda (2010, CNN, dir. Anderson Cooper with Nick Robertson), Blogger. Biography of Bryan Neal Vinas.

Toxic Towns USA (2010, CNN, Sanjay Gupta), about toxic wastes in Mossville, LA. Blogger.

Cheating Death (2010, CNN, Sanjay Gupta) Blogger.

Presumed Guilty (2010, PBS POV, Roberto Hernandez and Layta Negrete, 50 min) Blogger.

Picture Me: A Model’s Diary (2010, Strand, dir. Ole Schell and Sara Ziff) Blogger. Compare with “September Issue”.