Skyline (2010, Universal Rogue, dir. Strause Brothers, 95 min, PG-13).  Organic alien spaceships attack yuppies all over the world. Blogger.

Carriers (2009, Paramount Vantage, dir. David and Alex Pastor). Four “friends” fight in a post-apocalyptic world destroyed by an H5N1-like virus. Blogger.

Battle LA (2011, Columbia, dir. Jonathan Liebesman).  Aliens attack many cities, but the focus is on Los Angeles.  Blogger.  I will accept nothing less!

Collapse (2010, National Geographic, Based on Book by Jared Diamond), from perspective of world in 2020, after civilization is gone. Blogger.

Collapse (2009, BlueMark, dir. Chris Smith) Interview with Michael Ruppert and based on his book, “Presidential Prescription”.  Blogger.

Source Code (2011, Summit, dir. Duncan Jones, Quebec/Canada, PG-13).  An experiment with “time” defeats a terrorist with a dirty bomb. Blogger.