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Citizenship Merits Attribute Table

ID Meritdescription Meritkind Meritpoints
1 Has worked shifts at least one year W 10
2 Has punched a time clock and worked under regimentation for a year W 10
3 Has worked in outbound telemarketing, drugs, or the sex industry W- -10
4 Earns more that 50% of income from wages, not commissions W 10
5 Has served in the military, Peace Corps, or similar committed national or community service S 30
6 Has been in one monogamous relationship F 20
7 Has supported at least one person besides oneself F 20
8 Avoids workplace conflict of interest W 30
9 Has provided significant support to at least one person outside family F 5
10 Miles driven per year, relative to urban/rural index, less than a certain number S 10
11 Remains physically fit W 10
12 Attentive; learns quickly the first time taught W 10

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