Do Ask Do Tell: Media Review Index Card Entry: Asking and Telling

Key 00000081
Title "Another American: Asking and Telling"; film is "Don't Ask Don't Tell";   also "Killers from Space: Attack of the Gay Space Invaders" (spoof); novel manuscript "Brothers"
Media Type
D,M   (B proposed)
Instance Type Th
Originating Author Marc Wolf
Adapting Author  
Director Eisner Vuguru    (Peter Graves in spoof film)
Distributor, Publisher
Production Entity  
Release Date(s) 1999
Categories drama, history, lgbt
Rating 5/5
Link url     Vuguru url2    spoof  url3   url4    additional incidents from DADT III  url5    Fiction plot  url6
Observation Date 2000/04/30
Review Date 2000/05/15