The following is a list of important essays by me as published in The Quill, newsletter (which I edited from 1995-1999, and prepared the files and printouts for from 1998-1999, at my own modest cost and pro bono after moving to Minnesota) of Gays and Lesbians for Individual Liberty. The GLIL website (URL link listed below) now provides most of the original Quills in its Archives, except for 07-97, 12-98, and 09-99. Since I have "retired" it is possible for me to give some thought to the idea that a "libertarian and gay" periodical could be devloped to be economically self-sufficient.

I’ve also provided a link to one issue in the Minnesota Libertarian apparently not included in the Quill. 

Readers are strongly encouraged to visit the GLIL website, particularly to read GLIL's amicus brief and summary materials regarding James Dale v. Boy Scouts of America.  

Another URL with a link to GLIL and other gay libertarian sources is also).


"A Conservative's Approach to Individual Rights and Responsibilities" (08/1994)


"A Question of Honor" - book review of Joe Steffan's Honor Bound (10/1994)


Editorials on the Workplace and challenge to the military gay ban


“Talk Radio” Editorial


News items;  

Quil0796; glil3

News items; Right to privacy amendment proposal


"Freedom of Speech Takes Center Stage" (07/1997)


"Showdown on Critical Issues for Individual Rights" (03/1998)


Child OnLine Protection Act; Hate Crimes: Psychological Libertarianism (12/1998)


Child OnLine Protection Act (more); Boy Scouts; to Lavender (09/1999)