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Simplified Intellectual Property Agreement


  1. I agree to comply with all rules concerning confidentiality of information that would normally be required in a commercial or government workplace, including school systems. Confidential information includes but is not limited to financial, medical, job or academic performance, or personal information about students, employees or any other stakeholders. It would also include trade secrets as normally understood.
  2. I agree to conduct myself on school or employer’s premises according to the established rules of conduct and to present classroom materials in accordance with school district or employer’s instructions and policies.
  3. The employer ______________ understands that I have authored books and supporting websites with my own time and resources and that I retain all normal intellectual property rights to these items. This would include the employer’s payment for the materials through normal commercial channels when the employer wishes to use them.
  4. The employer also understands that stakeholders may be able to locate me or my work (at home or at school or work when unsupervised) through search engines on the World Wide Web. It is conceivable, although unlikely and very rare occurrence, that a stakeholder could read a limited selection from my work and feel distracted if he or she did not attempt to place the selection in the larger context of the work. All of my work is posted in good faith as part of the body of information available to discuss political, social and technical issues of our civilization today objectively.
  5. The employer understands that I have a business relationship with iUniverse, which publishers two of the books, and that I have an assumed name, High Productivity Publishing which carries the other book. (As of 07/31/2005 this was no longer used.) I have registered this name with Arlington County and it was previously registered in Minnesota. (Attachments may be provided as necessary.)
  6. I assert that I am able to carry out the duties of the position of substitute teacher or individual contributor with objectivity and fairness to all students, customers, employees, or other stakeholders.



Signature__________________________   Date _____________________________

Employer Signature ________________________  Date _________________________


John W. Boushka

4201 Wilson Blvd #110-688

Arlington VA 22203-1859


(these are business addresses and phone)


[1] The domain name for High Productivity Publishing is doaskdotell (that is, High Productivity Publishing (and reasonable variations of the spelled-out assume name) does not exist as a domain name as of 4-15-2004, as far as I can tell. My other two domains are and   I may rearrange content among the domains, consolidate them, or add new domain names (such as the spelled-out assumed name) during 2004, as circumstances warrat.