HPPUB Content policy

What we present:

  1. Arguments concerning public policy, political theory, psychological growth, ethical philosophy, and the conceptual interrelationships between all of these. Wherever possible, both sides of an argument are presented as respectfully as possible, but the emphasis is on arguing for individual rights commensurate with responsibility. Subjects that may be invoked in debate range widely: military policy (including the gay ban), family values, free speech, economic freedom, property rights (and indirectly various specific issues like tort reform, labor, health care, flat tax proposals or no-tax proposals).
  2. Text of and supplementary materials two books dealing largely with libertarianism and equal rights for everyone (including gays), as well as ordering information.
  3. Reviews of movies, books, and plays that deal with some of the themes of this site,
  4. Links to other sites that deal with similar themes.
  5. Some educational materials (under development), in such areas a computer literacy and chess, and math puzzles.

To contribute materials for publication, please see submit.

What we do NOT present

  1. Commercial advertisements (at least not now). We do offer two books (mentioned above) and review other books and films, but these are informative pieces, not commercial.
  2. Expert consumer advice, on such matters as tax, legal, medical, or financial planning. Many other sites (including some non-profits) are set up for these (call the number at obtain for recommendations). Likewise, we do not present analysis (or predictions) of specific businesses, funds, or other entities; whenever a specific entity is mentioned, the purpose is to illustrate an argument (as in 1, above).
  3. Pornography. There are no sexually explicit photos or graphics at this site. In a few places (especially the DADT book) there is some moderately adult writing as is necessary to make an argument. Language or vocabulary is always appropriate.
  4. Detailed directions on weapons or bomb assembly or use, or illegal drug use; detail "directions" of a sexual nature.
  5. "Hate" speech.
  6. Downloadable video games.
  7. We do not use "cookies."