COLLABORATIONS with other authors proposed here



I am looking for collaborators for book, periodical, web, or film projects that emphasize thoughtful treatments of major public problems.



Here are some examples of subject matter for book projects:


· Balancing civil liberties (privacy, speech), duties (volunteerism, conscription) with public safety and welfare in the post 9-11 world.


· Systematic examination of how the public views certain fundamental rights (especially speech, religious, and bearing arms)


· Privacy, self-expression, and the “do ask do tell” society


· Getting to the bottom of problems like social security, eldercare, global warming


· Family values and cultural wars


Here are some suggestions for film projects:


Please see Progress Report 9-2-2002


·  Documentaries or town-halls exploring modern interpretations of the Bill of Rights or of fundamental rights


· Compositions (after purchase) of known video properties on gays in the military or on gay “coming out” stories; assembly and preparation of film materials for theater, film festival  or “art-house” release


· Compilations (after purchase) of documentary coverage of recent disturbances (such as those leading to terrorism) in other critical parts of the world.



Different kinds of collaborators welcome:


Collaborators may well be “novices” in publishing or media fields but be expert in other fields (such as I.T.) Or collaborators may be well known because of activities in the media, law, academics, or journalism.


Intellectual Honesty:


Professional writers often speak of techniques for targeting their writings to specific markets or specific audiences.  In the commercial and political lobbying worlds, simplification and targeting of writing are often expected. However, explorations of major issues need to be complete, thorough, and considerate of all points of view. Projects envisioned here would be intended for the general reading or viewing public, and not watered down to appeal to or serve just one constituency.


Technology and the new view of the right of publicity


A person who collaborates on such a project and who is not previously well known in the media should realize that he or she may become publicly well known for a successful effort.  Lower cost Internet and book publishing and film-making all make it easier for a relatively little known individual to become publicly known for efforts that do not necessarily at first produce a lot of income.  This situation regarding an individual’s “right of publicity” should not produce a conflict of interest with his existing livelihood. The existence of third-party collaborators will generally reduce tensions over right of publicity.




Generally, if I were work with another author helping him or her write a book based on his or her own content, the book would appear in that author’s name with me (or someone else obtained by identified as a contributor or editor. I will neither write “secretly” in someone else’s name, use a pen name (pseudonym) or pass another’s work off as mine. Copyright ownership and royalties would be worked out by contract.


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