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How the Public Feels About Our Rights

 From the page �Rights�They�re Overrated� in Mother Jones, June 2004, p. 76, presenting the results of a University of Connecticut study called �State of the First Amendment,� conducted in 2003. 


Percent of Americans who agree

First Amendment �goes too far�


The press has too much freedom


Newspapers should not be able to publish freely without government approval


Public protest of a war should not be permitted during active military operations


The American press has asked the government for too much information regarding the War on Terror


The government should be able to monitor certain religious groups and even infringe upon their religious freedom to combat terrorism


Americans have �too much freedom to speak freely�


The Ten Commandments should be allowed in government buildings


 Suppose the question were: Individuals should not be able to criticize the government in conducting the War on Terror in personal websites or blogs? I wonder what the percent would have been?  Maybe 50%.  Many people still believe the most important function in life is to get along! 

The University of Connecticut maintains an annual "State of the First Amendment" update. Here is the 2003 link:


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