A Note About Content Rating

I have begun the process of labeling some areas of this site for adult subject matter. While there is no pornography and very little violence or fighting content that is often considered "adult,"  objectionable or offensive in more usual parlance, there are some frank materials concerning sexuality, body image, and sense of personal identity in some passages, particularly in some of the DADT book chapters and in the sample screenplay scripts. There is educational discussion of sensitive social issues in the editorials and many of the other content text files.

Two of the main vendors that offer content labeling are

http://www.icra.org    (Internet Content Rating Association, in London)

http://www.safesurf.com (SafeSurf)

Applying content ratings that will really be effective to a large existing site with many small files can be a time consuming process. However I have begun some work.

The following files have a rating with SafeSurf:  index page,  /scrplys    /scrplys/thesubmaster.htm

The rating looks like this:

Age Range : Adult Supervision Recommended
Profanity : Explicit Innuendo
Heterosexual Themes : Non-Graphic Artistic
Homosexual Themes : Non-Graphic Artistic
Intolerance - racial, religious or gender : Subtle Innuendo
Other Adult Themes : Technical Reference
Gambling : Technical Discussion

You can check the rating of a site by going to http://www.safesurf.com/inspect

I am also looking at content ratings with ICRA, which may be more complicated because ICRA appears to require labeling all files, even those that do not have problematic content. This is obviously much easier with a new site. It is also much easier if a site is generated with XML following newer techniques with the "Semantic Web."  Another issue is that some pdf files (screenplay scripts) might need to be regenerated as html to be individually rated (for search engines). This will be an ongoing effort.

I will keep the visitors posted on this.

For more information about COPA (Child Online Protection Act) litigation, see

http://www.doaskdotell.com/copa.htm , http://www.doaskdotell.com/content/colpa.htm  http://www.doaskdotell.com/content/adult.htm

Here is a copy of the provisional ICRA label. This is still in progress.

So far, I have applied ICRA labels to /scrplys, to the treatment files there, and to /content/xchap1.htm, xchap2 and xchap3.

Certification and seal approval by ICRA requires individually labeling all files on the site. This will take some time as this site was constructed manually without a content manager. Content labeling is a developing capability which I will present in more detail later. (1/9/2005)


Jan. 2006