EDITORIALS on Controversial Issues


The subject matter in these essays has been covered elsewhere in my domains; these are overview-style editorials based on the issues as they are in 2004, as I set up doaskdotell.com. But my point here is very much to “connect the dots” in public policy issues.


“Rules of Engagement” blog entries (2009)


What happened to my “Bill of Rights 2”? (blogger) (2/2008)


Morality: Depolarizing the Culture War Debate (blogger)  (10/2007)


Networked Journalism Overview (blogger)


Sermon on the Blog: Religion and Virtue (blogger)


Interdependence v. Independence (blogger)


The “do ask do tell” showdown: Part I: Principia (blogger)


The Most Dangerous Game: Brains v. Brawn aka Individual Sovereignty v. Public Morality (blogger)


Chutzpah and Web Speech – New Years Eve editorial (blogger link)


What do social conservatives really want? (blogger link)


Libertarian Philosophy and me (direct blogspot link)


Knowledge Management, Faith, and Profile   (blogspot)


Is there a don’t ask don’t tell de facto policy for teachers? (blogspot)


What does Chicken Little know? (blogspot)


Personal Web Publishing: Approaching a Crisis Point? (feature)


Libertarianism, equal rights for gays, and intergenerational responsibilities (feature)


Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell: Private Choices, Public Speech and our Democratic Processes


Will Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Really Be Repealed? (June 2007 Blogger entry)


Subversion, Immodesty, Dissent, Candor and Like Matters


Self-Publishing Online and Professionalism


How to Structure a “Bill of Rights 2” Event


When to regulate? (Network Neutrality, etc.)


Social hierarchies


Teachers, Students and Free Speech


Liking People and Liking Principles


Liberty, Equality, Fraternity: Individualism and the Personal Stake in Social Justice


Individualism, Libertarianism, and the Sharing of Burdens


Complementarity, the Culture Wars, and the Chicken and Egg Problem


Filial Responsibility Laws: The next iceberg for GLBT people?


Family and the Psychological Safety Net


The “Down With Love” Problem


Heterosexism and Tribalism: The Ultimate Pejoratives




Probable Cause on Global Warming and Energy Crisis


Katrina, Catastrophe, and Purification


It won’t be so bad—or will it?


Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell: 2005


Talking Sense about Catholicism and Sexual Morality ; Personal Freedom and Religious Morality: Redux


File sharing (peer-to-peer) and downstream liability


Identity Theft, Privacy Protection and the First Amendment


The Right to Life and our Purported Obligation to Support It


Does My Freedom Compromise Others? Am I My Brother’s Keeper?


Where are the Information Technology Jobs (as of the end of 2004)?


Pay your bills and pay your dues


The draft and mandatory national service (and “don’t ask don’t tell”)


What makes terrorists tick?


Gay marriage and family responsibility    (state by state table)     Virginia Amendment Situation (Vote No!)   blogspot essay

Abstinence: The Notion that Sex Belongs only in (Heterosexual) Marriage

For National Coming Out Day: Straight Talk on Gay Equality


Teaching about Homosexuality in Public High Schools


Private Industry and anti-Gay Boycotts


The ex-Gay Billboard


Appropriateness of Emotion: The Claims that (Male) Homosexuality Is Disproportionately Related to Pedophilia or Involvement with Minors


Health Care: Can We Care for Everybody?   Chart


Social Security and Pensions   Chart   Personal retirement notes – detailed topics (important!)


Free Speech and Self-Expression


Psychological Diversity: Being Different, Being Special


Conflict of Interest   (suggested blogging policy)


Republican and Democrat 2004 Platforms


Religion, Communities of Faith, and Public Policy


Paid Maternity (and Paternity) Leave?


Assertiveness and Salesmanship as Personal Values


Mathematics, Meritocracy, and FICO: Are Some People “Better” than Other People?


Let’s Be Careful About Personal Information Databases



The following blogs and earlier editorials are not in this directory but deal with controversies. They were set up earlier.


Gay marriage, constitutional amendment letter to Congress


Outsourcing and offshoring


Libertarianism: a current assessment


Sodomy laws: Lawrence v. Texas (2003), revisited


Hyperindividualism and solidarity


Child Online Protection Act (COPA):  Account of Supreme Court oral arguments (2004);  Comments on 2004 Supreme Court Opinion

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