Stripmining seen from a satellite

Here is an example of a stripmine. The demonstration starts at Charleston W Va. Navigate about 30 miles to the South and you will see stripmines from the satellite view.

You can do this with any reasonably sized city, if you click on "Maps" on top of the Google home page, and then look for "Satellite" on the top right. (The Firefox and Dell home pages may be slightly different in layout.) You can look for stripmining by mountaintop removal by navigating from any larger towns or locations in states like W Va, Ky, Oh, Va (southwestern corner), Pa, Tn. The biggest mines seem to be in southern W Va. When looking at the satellite imagery, realize that sometimes the color (related to foilage) varies from one satellite grid to the next

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The following reference: link uses the new Google map key, which I got for this domain. You can click on "Google" on the lower left, enter locations click on satellite and look at aerial views of environmental damage.