Some General Aphorisms and Questions (for novel project)

. Is it necessary for a young person to relate to "people as people" in order to be able to develop grownup (permanent, monogamous) intimate relations with the opposite sex? Is it necessary to see biological life as a "miracle" (instead of routine) once it has become one's own?

. Does biological kinship generate altruistic motives toward others? Does "normal" heterosexual interest generate such interest?

. Does heterosexual marriage typically depend on the idea that others will give the partners in a marriage social deference? Does being the head of a family create social superiority or a right to deference? Is male homosexual attraction predicated on the idea that one knows and can select who is the most "superior" possible "father" in the environment?

. All questions about personal responsibility start with a presumption of the importance of individual freedom and therefore of weighing the responsibilities that go with that freedom and with protecting that freedom. Family and religious faith do not live for their own sakes, but as vehicles for freedom.

 . The libertarian model for social justice, while hoping for charitable behavior out of enlightened self-interest, places a defined emphasis on a person's sole accountability for himself and accepts the idea that people can fail and sometimes not survive.

. Most people, however, believe that people have an affirmative obligation to prove that they can assist others and take responsibility for others. Liberals want to offload a lot of this responsibility onto publicly funded programs. Conservatives believe that everyone has a mandatory duty to prove that he can take care of others, particularly within the biological blood family, and in some cases someone's freedom can be expropriated until he meets this obligation if other family members have needs. Conservatives often believe that the linkage of sexual energy to committed marriage is the best way to ensure altruistic behavior. One cannot rule out that same-sex commitments could support meeting such obligations.  

(ęBill Boushka,, 2006)

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