BUSINESS PRIVACY POLICY for all my websites


Because I am active on the World Wide Web in a “free entry” or “low capital” environment, and because it is possible for me to reach a global audience with very editorial review, and because the same is possible for almost anyone else with whom I would do business, I am announcing a “Business Privacy” policy as a supplement to my “Privacy Policy”.


The essence of the policy is that I expect any party with whom I do business to respect my privacy and integrity, and I will do the same for any such party. It’s a “two way street”.


From any such party I expect:


(1)   The party will not disclose my identity (or the identity of any associated party), or other identifying items like address and phone, without permission, on any medium (including but not limited to the Internet).


(2)   At any subsequent time,  the party may discuss issues related to the business experience in the media (including the Internet), but will do so in a general, issue-driven way so as to ensure that neither I or associated parties are easily identified.  If I am to be identified, the party must ask permission.   


In selecting parties with whom I do business, and in carrying out the business activity, I want people to understand


(1)   I do not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, religion, political belief, nationality, sexual orientation, marital or domestic status, or any other such factor except in special circumstances where some factor is a “bona fide occupational qualification”, whether or not required by local laws.

(2)   If a particular problem with a particular entity develops, I will go through the accepted channels (the company or agency or labor union, law enforcement, or regulatory authorities, as appropriate) privately. I use industry-accepted ways of checking on backgrounds of applicants. Even though the Internet seems to make it possible, I will not "gumshoe" people (and run the risk of coming to unjustified or wrong conclusions).

(3)   My books and Internet materials do contain discussions about many interconnected issues and occasionally, when found randomly and taken out of context, they may seem alarming to some people. They should be understood as relating to issues and not expressive of personal prejudices. My style of journalism requires me to cover and report all issues objectively.


Parties with whom I do business can also count on the following protections of their privacy:


(1)   I will not identify individuals or companies or agencies with whom I do business without explicit permission to do so.

(2)   I may, at some time the future, have occasion to discuss an issue related to the business experience, but I will discuss it “abstractly” as an issue and not make the parties identifiable.


I reserve the right to ask a business partner to sign a privacy agreement.


This policy does not preclude my identifying a previous employer on an online resume in a conventional manner.



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This policy applies to this site (,,, and all materials on Google Blogger or Wordpress.


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