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This is a temporary site while the business site is being developed.

In the near future, this site will look like the "" site (linked below), be moved to a different server and be pointed to that page.

All other material (of a personal and non-commercial nature) has been moved to the site under my legal name (, below). The blogs previously available have been shut down but the most important material has been reposted on the personal site (which has one Wordpress blog and a section in conventional html format for quick loading). The reposting continues, along with some new content, but of lower volume than in the past.

Do Ask Do Tell III: Speech Is a Fundamental Right; Being 'Listened To' Is a Privilege also Promotional site
(2014, available now on Amazon as of 2/27/2014)
Do Ask Do Tell II: When Liberty Is Stressed
(2002) cover
Our Fundamental Rights
(1998) cover
Do Ask Do Tell: A Gay Conservative Lashes Back
(1997, 2000) cover
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Personal blog under legal name
John W Boushka site and Bill Boushka nickname

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